A-Frame Dreams Merchandise
I live in the city. I love it, and I always will...but...I sometimes dream about buying a cabin and moving to the side of the mountain somewhere. That's normal, right? As luck would have it, earlier this year I found an account on Instagram called A-Frame Dreams, and browsing it quickly became one of my favorite ways to momentarily escape during these "I just want to get outta here" COVID-days. 

Traditional A-frames, with their deeply sloped walls, small second floors, and never-enough-storage kitchens, don't always seem like a practical housing option, but I'll be damned if they don't look pretty awesome nestled in some trees or next to a river. So while I can't exactly afford a second home surrounded by trees at the moment, the next best thing was drawing a few of these A-frames in idyllic settings for Leah, the owner of the A-Frame Dreams account and website.

Keychains, pins and stickers can be purchased on the A-Fram Dreams shop.
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