Type Hike: Alphabeast
Alphabeast, the third series of illustrations curated by Type Hike, "pays tribute to the great beasts of our nation who are painfully close to extinction" through illustration and typography. I was assigned the letter "I" and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, one of the largest woodpeckers to ever exist, and a bird that is sadly "definitely or probably extinct," according to The American Birding Association.

To continue their work of protecting these incredible animals, Type Hike partnered with Jazzy Danziger to create "Alphabeast: A Book of Poems." This book features each of the 26 poems alongside the design that inspired it - a tribute to our animal friends and the enduring spirit of human generosity. Buy your copy here.
A set of Alphabet Wall Tiles can be purchased on the Type Hike site, and 100% of profits are donated to Defenders of Wildlife.
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