Chicago Neighborhood Print Series
I started the Chicago Neighborhood Project in November of 2011 with the goal to create a logo for all 77 of Chicago's official community areas, as well as many of the more well-known neighborhoods. This personal project not only allowed me to grow as a designer, but it also helped me learn more about the city that I love so dearly.   

These logos represent my personal experiences, research, or what was shared with me by residents. I put countless hours into designing, redesigning them, and redesigning them again, all because I wanted to create something that would make residents of each neighborhood (and me!) proud.

You can check out the entire collection of 115 or so logos here: The Chicago Neighborhoods

Just a note: these are in no way “official” neighborhood logos, and while I welcome all feedback, they were all created between 2011 and 2013 and will not be updated.
A few of my favorites in the series.
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