Elk Mountain: A Font
My wife, son and I are fortunate to typically take three or four family vacations a year, but as we all know, 2020 has been...different. Our big trip this year was roadtripping to meet my wife's parents half way between Chicago (where we live) and Silverton, OR (where they live) for a socially distant visit. We found an amazing place in Elk Mountain, WY (population of 186!) that meet our needs: separate cabins on the same grounds, away from just about everything and everyone, and almost exactly half way between our two homes. Throw in a few up-close encounters with a massive moose, countless hours spent throwing rocks in the river, and my son learning how to cast with his fishing pole, it was just what we needed.

The place we stayed, Elk Mountain Cabins, has a great wooden sign hanging by the driveway, so I built out an entire font based on that sign as soon as we got home and ended up with a pretty fun set of glyphs. The font comes in two styles, pointy and rounded, and includes all letters, numbers, and some of punctuation (I'll be adding more soon).

Reach out if you'd like to take if for a spin.
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