Old Style Bar Print
The Old Style Beer sign is engrained in Chicago's landscape, so much so that you probably don't even realize how many bars you see day in and day out with one hanging outside announcing "Cold Beer," "Zimne Piwo," or "Cerveza Fria" to passersby. This limited edition screen print was created for Old Style in 2018 to give away to a select number of VIPs, and features 12 of the most iconic "hanging sign bars." Screen prints of six of the most popular bars were sold at the 2018 Chicago Pizza Summit, and the Empty Bottle art even found its way onto the can for Old Style's limited "Corner Bar Pils" release.

Old Style may have a stack of each of those six (Empty Bottle, EZ Inn, Hideout, Nisei Lounge, Phyllis', and Rose's), so go bug them on Instagram to see if they'll hook you up.
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