Pizza City
Everyone knows that Chicago is a serious pizza town, but the common misconception is that we all sit around eating deep dish all day, every day. Don't get me wrong, deep dish is ok, but for many Chicagoans, it is typically reserved for times when friends or in-laws come in from out of state. 

Chicago is a thin crust, square cut ("party slices") kind of town, and I created this print for the "Art of the Slice" group show at Galerie F to celebrate this fact. The slices here aren't exactly square, but this is because each piece represents one of Chicago's 77 different community areas.

The "Art of the Slice" show was an extension of the always popular Chicago Pizza Summit, and included other Chicago-based artists, such as Ryan Duggan, Delicious Design League, Nick Lacke, Erick Pagsanjan, and Penny Pinch, among others.
From the North Side to the South Side, and everywhere in between, Chicago is filled with some amazing pizza. These close-ups show the tasty textures from Retro Supply's Drunk Sailor Stippling Brushes set.
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